GET HIRED! Grow. Lead. Live

GET HIRED! Grow. Lead. Live. by Hal EastmanAuthor: Hal Eastman

ISBN: 978-0972388344

Pages: 125 pages

Published: 2013

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Finding the right job, keeping it, advancing, and eventually achieving a leadership position is difficult, especially in challenging economic times. However, Hal Eastman retains an upbeat belief it is still possible, but that your success is highly dependent on an enterprising job search and on utilizing the very different skills needed at each career stage.

These valuable and pragmatic insights—based on actual executive experience—cut through the theoretical chaff of much of today’s “how to” business literature. From graduates looking for their first jobs to unemployed job seekers, new managers, and even CEOs, there’s something in this book for everyone, whatever the current stage of a career.

You’ll also find sage advice on leading a balanced life, even in times of economic challenge and unprecedented change, with their accompanying job stresses. All of this makes this book highly worthwhile reading.