Flawed But Fun

Flawed But Fun: Poems from the Attic with an epilogue on mental illness by Nancy Tuininga

Author: Nancy Tuininga

ISBN: 978-0972388313

Pages: 70

Published: 2008

Author Website: http://www.poemsfromtheattic.com


Nancy Tuininga was an extremely bright, energetic, compassionate woman in her mid-twenties when the dark shadow of bipolar disorder first descended upon her. Thus began a heroic 40-year struggle to maintain some semblance of family, career, and intellectual life while under the assault from this crippling affliction. The fact that she functions today as a contributing member of society is testimony to her exceptional courage, keen intellect and sheer determination.

Sustaining Nancy through much of this dark journey has been her writing of poems. Many are precious jewels, a unique combination of incisive insight, poignant humor and painful truth. However, all are particularly insightful as a window into an especially gifted mind which has been savagely challenged. Her poems have also been her compass to lucidity and a source of self-­worth in many of her darkest moments.

Nancy’s unusual courage to write objectively and intelligently in the epilogue about her illness is an insightful gift to anyone experiencing similar problems personal or with loved ones. It also serves as a reminder that much of the continuing societal stigma of mental illness is unwarranted.